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Export Control Policy

Australia's export control policies reflect the Government's commitment to ensure the export of defence and dual-use goods is consistent with Australia's national interests and international obligations and commitments.

The Government's policy is to encourage the export of defence and dual-use goods where it is consistent with Australia's broad national interests. Our export control system is the means by which this consistency is ensured. Australia's export control policies and procedures are reviewed regularly to take account of changes in strategic circumstances and priorities.

Exports that are considered to be sensitive may be referred to other areas of Defence or other Australian Government Agencies for consideration.

Policy Criteria

Applications to export defence and dual-use goods are considered on a case-by-case basis. Our assessment of applications will take into account the following criteria:

International Obligations

Whether the export:
  • is destined for countries to which the United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions restricting the sale, supply or transfer of defence or dual-use goods
  • is destined for countries where the export might be used in a manner contrary to Australia's international obligations or commitments

Human Rights

Whether the export:
  • poses a clearly identifiable risk that the goods would be used to commit or facilitate serious human rights abuses.

Regional Security

Whether the export:
  • might contribute to instability in the region or aggravate a threat to international and regional peace and security or aggravate the situation in a region which becomes a cause of serious concern
  • might be used in internal or external conflict or that could further militarise the situation in the destination country.

National Security

Whether the export:
  • might compromise Australia's wider security interests, its obligations to its allies and friends and its broader international responsibilities
  • is destined for countries with policies or interests which are inimical to the strategic interests of Australia or its friends and allies
  • might adversely affect Australia's military capability or substantially compromise its operational capabilities or enhance the power projection capabilities of our potential adversaries

Foreign Policy

Whether the export:
  • is destined for countries developing (or suspected of developing) weapons of mass destruction or the means for their delivery, or supporting terrorism, or whose behavior or foreign policies risk major disruption to global or regional stability
  • might cause adverse reactions by third countries important to Australia, which may affect Australia's interests, in particular, our regional relations; and
  • might be used for mercenary, terrorist or other criminal activities
ASLAVs on night operations in Afghanistan