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Compliance - Client Responsibilities

DEC is committed to working with clients to help them fulfil their responsibilities under Australia’s export controls. While these obligations will vary depending on a client’s activities, they may include:

  • applying for approval from DEC before undertaking “controlled activities”, (that is, activities subject to Australia’s export controls);
  • providing accurate information to DEC as part of applications;
  • conducting activities in accordance with the terms of permits, licences or broker registrations issued by DEC;
  • handling, storing and transferring Treaty Articles in accordance with prescribed conditions;
  • maintaining detailed and accurate records of transfers under permits, licences and Australian Community Membership;
  • reporting transfers to DEC as part of any permit conditions or as part of Australian Community Membership; and
  • advising DEC of any changes in circumstances that may affect Australian Community Membership, broker registrations, permits or licences.

Fulfilling these responsibilities requires a commitment by clients to develop their understanding of how Australia’s export controls affect their activities. It is also important for clients to pay careful attention to the terms of approvals issued by DEC so they can correctly follow the accompanying conditions.