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DEC's Compliance Approaches

The goal of DEC’s activities is to maximise compliance by assisting clients to understand and meet their export control obligations. To achieve this goal, DEC draws on one or more of the following approaches when engaging clients:

These approaches are intended to build compliance and effectively address cases of non-compliance. The activities that contribute to each of these approaches are described in further detail in the following sections.

DEC's Compliance Activities Diagram

Diagram 1 illustrates how DEC’s compliance activities are targeted in response to client behaviour. DEC adopts a risk-based approach to compliance, which means activities are targeted where the risks are highest. DEC encourages voluntary compliance and recognises most individuals and organisations try to meet their export control obligations. Those clients with a proven track record of meeting their export control responsibilities will be subject to fewer compliance checks by DEC. Conversely, DEC will place increased scrutiny and oversight on clients who pose a greater risk of non-compliance because they are unable or unwilling to meet their responsibilities.

DEC also cooperates closely with the US on compliance with the Treaty-related aspects of the DTC Act.