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Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment disembark a Landing Craft from HMAS Canberra during a major amphibious beach landing operation during Exercise Talisman Saber.

Environmental Report

The Environmental Report (ER) for TS19 has been prepared through an iterative process of exercise design, assessment, review and update. It is based on an appreciation of environmental risk posed by the Exercise which is informed through the experience gained in previous iterations of the Talisman Sabre series of exercises. The ER addresses the Commonwealth regulatory requirements relevant to Defence for activities comprising the Exercise on Defence training areas. It also considers the State and local requirements for other locations that are not owned by Defence.

The ER is a live document which is subject to ongoing review and amendment in response to exercise design changes. This enables the military planning process to proceed with an appreciation of the environmental implications of proposed activities.

Comment by interested parties is sought on the ER and comments received prior to 17 May 2019 will be addressed in a Consultation Report that will be published prior to commencement of the Exercise in July 2019. Notwithstanding, Defence welcomes comment at any time.

Comments can be submitted to

Environmental Report

Environmental Report (full resolution) [PDF-12.5MB]

Environmental Report (low resolution) [PDF-5.2 MB]