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Private Nathan Whittington

ADF Service: I joined the Australian Army in January 2010. I am currently an Instructor at the Army Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) Recruit Development Wing.

Age: 26

Hometown: Goulburn, New South Wales

Current town: Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Competing in: Athletics, sitting volleyball and swimming

Private Nathan Whittington

What is the Nature of your injury or illness?

I am a below knee amputee following a water skiing accident.

What role has sport played in your rehabilitation?

Within five months of having my amputation I was recognised as an elite competitor within the ADF and trained for the 2016 Paralympics. But, due to injury, I was unsuccessful in being selected in the 2016 Paralympics team. However, being part of that elite sport crowd enabled me to walk properly and have a lot deeper understanding of my body and its biomechanics. This massively aided my rehabilitation.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Completing the Kokoda Track in 2015 with a prosthetic limb.

Why did you apply for the Invictus Games 2018?

After failing to meet the required standards to become a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) in 2017, I needed something else to train for. The Invictus Games has not only given me a new training focus, but it has also given me a new mental focus which, in turn, has made me happier and taken me into a much more positive head space.

What will “winning” look like for you at these Games?

In a way I have already won - just being selected in the team to represent my country and the ADF is, for me, a huge achievement.

Naturally everyone wants to be standing on the podium with a gold medal around their neck, and that’s something I’ll definitely be trying to do.

The person I most admire is…

I don’t admire just one person. I’ve had a lot of positive role models in my Army career and my short sporting career. So I guess I’m just taking all the good from those members and trying to emulate those traits.