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Jarrod Kent

ADF Service: I joined the Australian Army in 2010 and spent seven years serving in the Infantry, 6th Battalion Royal Australian regiment (6RAR). I deployed to East Timor and spent time in the Infantry Quick Reaction Force.

In late 2015, while training for the Special Forces, I was badly injured resulting in ten surgeries in 14 months. As a result, I was medically discharged in 2017.

Age: 34

Hometown: Latrobe, Tasmania

Current town: Latrobe, Tasmania

Competing in: Powerlifting and swimming

Jarrod Kent

What is the Nature of your injury or illness?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), lower back injury, shoulder injuries, knee injuries and I almost lost my left leg following a golden staph infection.

What role has sport played in your rehabilitation?

Sport has been key to my rehabilitation. It has been a catalyst for turning my life around.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Turning my life around in 12 months, moving from the very bottom of the darkest valley to now being at the top of a magnificent mountain. A part of that is being selected for the Australian Invictus Games 2018 team and being given the opportunity to inspire other people.

Why did you apply for the Invictus Games 2018?

Having had to fight for my own life, as well as save lives, I know firsthand how important life really is. Applying for the Invictus Games has given me something to strive for, something to look forward to, higher goals and a higher purpose.

Also, it’s a chance to use exercise to inspire others to follow in my footsteps.

What will “winning” look like for you at these Games?

I have won already, by being part of the Australian Invictus Games team. Winning will be me striving for excellence during the Games, showing selfless leadership and being able to inspire and ignite people’s imagination to what is possible so they can take their lives to the next level.

The person I most admire is…

Ritchie Gibson. Ritchie is a speaker, author, mentor, trainer and the leadership and culture coach for the St George Dragons, a National Rugby League team.

I met Ritchie in 2017 when he was the speaker for a two-day Defence transition seminar. After that seminar, I found myself thinking and acting differently. Since then, he has been a significant mentor and very close friend.

His outstanding devotion to life, as well as an endless pursuit for excellence, is truly inspirational and inspiring.