Soil Solidification and Stabilisation

Soil materials from a Defence site in preparation for testing.

Typical leaching setup which involves multiple leaching events of the undisturbed monolith sample.

Typical equipment used for the structural integrity procedure.


Soil solidification involves mixing a binding agent with affected soil to bind the compounds in a solid block, trapping it in place. Defence conducted solidification trials in 2016 and received the draft report in November 2016. Initial results are favourable, however further analysis is required to determine its viability. Further consultation with State agencies is ongoing.


Stabilisation involves mixing particular materials into affected soil to cause a chemical reaction, which will ensure PFAS is bound and unable to spread. The aim of stabilisation trials was to test stabilising PFAS in soil to limit further migrating in the environment. Defence received preliminary results in late December 2016. Further consultation with State agencies is ongoing.

For more information on the soil and solidification trails download the Update on Defence Soil Solidification and Stabilisation Trials Factsheet