Alternative Drinking Water

Health authorities advise that a key path of exposure to PFAS is by drinking contaminated groundwater.

There is currently no consistent evidence that exposure to PFAS causes adverse human health effects. However, because PFAS chemicals persist in humans and the environment, Defence adopts a precautionary approach and will assess eligible household’s drinking water requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Defence can facilitate the provision of alternative drinking water to eligible property owners and/or residents. Assistance enquiries should be directed to the relevant Project team by phone or email.

To assess their eligibility for alternative water, residents will be asked to complete a short survey to gather information about their water use.

Households within the investigation area, that do not have a town water connection and drink bore water (directly or via rainwater tanks), are welcome to contact the Project team to discuss possible management strategies.

Connection to Town Water
Williamtown NSW and Oakey QLD

Defence has provided funding to Hunter Water Corporation to fund its project to provide additional town water infrastructure in the Williamtown investigation area and connect eligible properties to town water that currently rely on bore water.

Defence will fund works to connect properties in the Oakey Investigation Area to reticulated town water supply, where it is feasible to do so.

Defence has been working with the Toowoomba Regional Council to identify properties within the township of Oakey that are not connected to the town water supply, and works that need to be undertaken to enable a connection to reticulated town water where possible.

Rainwater tanks - Katherine, NT

Defence is funding the purchase and installation of rainwater tanks for eligible property owners in Katherine.

To be eligible you must be located in the Investigation Area, not be connected to town water and rely on bore water for consumption.

To find out more about this initiative please contact the investigation hotline