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PFAS Investigation &
Management Program

Edinburgh Management Activities

Edinburgh Management Activities

Soil Treatment Plant

Foundations of the soil treatment plant
Foundations of the soil treatment plant

Defence has engaged Ventia Utility Services to operate and maintain a PFAS Soil Treatment Plant at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

These works will occur as part of a four month trial aimed at treating 2,500 tonnes of soil from an area with known elevated levels of PFAS.

The plant will work by washing the contaminated soil in a solution which removes the PFAS, before the waste is
sent off-site for management or destruction. The treated
soil will be suitable for reuse on-site.

The plant, which is in the process of being delivered from the UK, requires the construction of footings and foundations at RAAF Base Edinburgh, in anticipation of installation (and commissioning) in early 2019.

Defence will provide further information as the planning and installation progresses.