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The Defence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network

The Defence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network (DATSIN) is an informal body comprising Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Australian Public Service (APS). The DATSIN participates in increasing Indigenous representation within the ADF and acts as advocates for Defence at public activities and within Defence on Indigenous matters as they relate to Indigenous Australians.

The support provided by DATSIN members includes:

  • Representation at local community events, including conducting presentations, assisting in the conduct of activities and being available to discuss Indigenous matters and Defence’s contribution to Indigenous Australians;
  • Assist in various programs run by Defence which can include assisting with the planning, coordination and delivery of training programs and information sessions;
  • Provide mentoring and support to Indigenous members and employees, particularly new entrants;
  • Participate in interview panels as an Indigenous Defence representative; and
  • Attend public events as an Indigenous Defence representative to engage with the local community and promote the extensive career paths available to Indigenous people wanting careers in the Department of Defence.

National Conference

The Directorate of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) convenes an annual DATSIN Conference. The Conference, attended by indigenous and non-indigenous ADF members and APS employees, provides an opportunity to network with fellow DATSIN members, be updated on current programs and contribute to the development of Indigenous initiatives in Defence. The 2015 conference program is currently being developed. More information will follow shortly.

To nominate please e-mail Indigenous Affairs mailbox

Regional DATSIN

As the DATSIN comprises members located all over Australia, localised 'chapters' of the network are being established. This will ensure that interested members have the opportunity to meet more regularly on an informal basis to network, discuss issues and support one another.