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Strategic Guidance

Defence is committed to supporting and developing its Indigenous members from when they first join the organisation right throughout their careers. Defence offers a range of support programs, Indigenous specific training opportunities, formal and informal networking and special provisions for its Indigenous employees which include:

  • Secretary and Chief of Defence Force Advisory Committee (SCAC) is the peak direction-setting and decision-making body for diversity and inclusion within the Department of Defence and is accountable for ensuring the achievement of Defence’s diversity and inclusion strategies.

  • Chief of Service Committee (COSC) considers bi-annual updates on ADF Indigenous initiatives.

  • Defence Civilian Committee (DCC) monitors and provides direction on Defence indigenous civilian initiatives on a quarterly basis.

  • Defence Reconciliation Action Plan (DRAP) Working Group comprises of representatives from each group and service who provide a conduit for all members of Defence to participate in the development and implementation of DRAP 2015-18.

A number of different forums have been established to ensure Defence’s Indigenous employees can provide guidance and advice to IA and the services. They include:

  • Indigenous Cultural Advisory Group (ICAG) provides culturally appropriate advice on strategic issues, relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The ICAG also provides culturally sensitive advice across the department on all polices and matters as required.

  • The Defence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network (DATSIN) Conference is an annual forum for military and civilian Indigenous employees at all levels to network, share, learn and help shape the Defence Indigenous agenda.

  • Navy Indigenous Affairs Adviser to Chief of Navy is responsible for shaping the strategic direction for Navy Indigenous Affairs

  • Senior Indigenous Adviser to Chief of Air Force is responsible for shaping the strategic direction for Air Force Indigenous Affairs.

  • Army Indigenous Cultural Advisory Board is responsible for providing advice on, promoting and monitoring the implementation of the Army Indigenous Strategy across Army's Commands.