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Strategic Planning

Defence is committed to creating an inclusive environment that values, respects and draws on the diverse backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and skills of its people. Two key documents provide the framework to achieve this goal. Both documents provide the strategic level guidance for the organisation and provide the overarching guidance for service and group specific documents.

Defence Reconciliation Action Plan (DRAP) 2015-2018

The development of the Defence Reconciliation Action Plan (DRAP) 2015-18 commenced in March 2015. The DRAP will set out meaningful and practical actions that Defence needs to take to develop relationships, demonstrate the organisations respect for Indigenous Australians culture as well as increasing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the organisation. Further, the DRAP will reflect the enduring recognition and commitment to reconciliation as fundamental to Defence capability and, consequently, the defence of Australia and its national interests.

View: Defence Reconciliation Action Plan 2010-2014

Defence Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) 2011-2017

The Defence Indigenous Employment Strategy 2012-17 is a guiding document to increase Indigenous representation across Defence at all levels. The Strategy outlines how to attract, recruit, retain, develop and support our Indigenous workforce.

The Strategy includes six key imperatives:

  • Improving the understanding in Defence, at all levels, of why Indigenous employment is important to Defence;

  • Establishing specific targets for Indigenous employment in Defence;

  • Increasing annually the number of Indigenous Australians who are attracted to, and apply for, a Defence career;

  • Implementing specific recruitment activities to maximise Indigenous employment opportunities;

  • Enhanced retention of Indigenous personnel through the application of specifically designed initiatives; and

  • Improved Indigenous workforce research to inform future strategies and measure success.