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Indigenous Affairs Publications
Title Description
Defence Reconciliation Action Plan 2010-2014 - PDF | HTML The peak Defence document relating to Indigenous Affairs is the Defence Reconciliation Action Plan (DRAP). The development of the 2015-2018 DRAP is currently underway.
Defence Indigenous Employment Strategy 2012-2017 Outlines a framework to attract, recruit, retain and develop an Indigenous workforce.
Defence Indigenous Handbook for Commanders, Managers and Supervisors - PDF The Defence Indigenous Handbook was released by CDF and Secretary during National Reconciliation Week in 2012.
Army Supplement to the Defence Indigenous Handbook Provides Commanders with cultural information and specific guidance on how to incorporate Indigenous protocols into Army procedures.
Indigenous Business Exemption from Division 2 of the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines - PDF | HTML

Exemption to Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) for Indigenous small and medium enterprises. A Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is defined in the CPRs as an Australian or New Zealand business with fewer than 200 full time equivalent employees.

Indigenous Opportunity Policy - HTML Indigenous Opportunity Policy (IOP) is a policy of the Commonwealth, which a Delegate must take into account before approving a spending proposal under Regulation 9 of the Financial Management and Accountability Regulations 1997.