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ADF and APS Retention

Defence acknowledges that undertaking full-time employment can be challenging for some Indigenous Australians, particularly when they are isolated from their family and community. Defence acknowledges this separation, and its impact on Indigenous members and employees, through positive and supporting actions.

Defence knows that to retain its people it must support them by encouraging them in their ADF or APS careers. This not only improves retention rates, but also increases the likelihood of people recommending Defence as a good place to work.

Additional support mechanisms to retain Indigenous ADF members and APS employees include formalising networking arrangements and developing a greater awareness of the effects of full-time employment on Indigenous Australian cultures. Support can also include career development pathways and opportunities, and supportive conditions that recognise cultural requirements.

Cultural integration is the key to enabling both Indigenous and non-Indigenous ADF members and APS employees to recognise their common organisational culture and commitment to Defence.