Public Holidays in Defence



Defence personnel can be granted a public holiday under the following arrangements.



1. State, Territory or Commonwealth laws


Defence personnel are to observe all public holidays as declared by a relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory law in the location in which they work. These can be found on the following Internet sites.


Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales


Northern Territory




South Australia






Western Australia



2. Local public holidays


State or Territory laws may also make provision for local public holidays. In some states these are included in the listings above. Local public holidays are often called Show Days, or Race Days, but they may be for other purposes.  An example is the Devonport Show Day, which is a public holiday in a few municipal areas in Tasmania.


Defence personnel may observe a local public holiday in either of these situations:


a. The person would be performing duty in the specified location on a local public holiday advertised on any of the State or Territory public holiday Internet sites.

b. The person would be performing duty in the specified location on a local public holiday in a state that does not list local public holidays on their Internet site. That day meets the requirements of the relevant State or Territory public holiday legislation.



3. Christmas stand down


The Christmas stand down period runs from Christmas Day to the New Year's Day public holiday. Defence personnel are also provided with a specified leave day that will either fall immediately before, or following the Christmas stand down period.



4. Public holidays at overseas posts


ADF members and APS employees at overseas posts will observe the public holidays published in PACMAN Annex 15.1.A. These dates are determined in consultation with each of the posts.


If a posting location has no listing of public holidays, then the Canberra public holiday schedule applies (PACMAN 15.1.4).


Details of Christmas stand-down dates for overseas posts are located at PACMAN 15.1.4A.



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Defence Workplace Relations Manual (DWRM)

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Last updated: 12 August 2015