The CASG relies heavily upon skilled specialists from industry to supplement in-house capacity, especially in a number of areas where the current national skills shortage makes recruitment difficult.  Ideally these personnel should be engaged for relatively short periods of time to provide specialised advice and services, while concurrently transferring skills through mentoring and training of APS staff to enhance our existing capability Accessing personnel to perform these functions had traditionally been achieved by the use of disparate standing offer panels and procurement methods.

In 2004, the DMO Executive agreed to the establishment of the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) Panel to standardise a number of engagement processes through the creation of a single panel for the procurement of professional and technical services.

As a result of DMO’s cessation as a prescribed agency and subsequent transition to Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), the DMOSS Panel is now identified as the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment - Support Services (CAS-SS) Panel.

The CAS-SS Panel allows quick and efficient access to a number of service providers across a broad range of professional engineering and support services disciplines. It is available to Defence personnel and can also be utilised by APS members of other Commonwealth agencies.

Tendering for Inclusion on the CAS-SS Panel

There will be no opportunities to tender for inclusion on the CAS-SS Panel. For further information please contact the CAS-SS Panel Administration Team at