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Friendship through Understanding DITC Photo Gallery 2015

MR ADFELPS Bids Farewell, 25 June, 2015
DITC bid a sad farewell to MR ADFELPS yesterday. After many years (off and on) of service to DITC, he is returning to his first love - teaching Malay. His association with DITC began as far back as 1982 while he was still a member of the Malaysian Armed Forces, and included a stint as Malaysian Seconded Officer and then as the ADFELPS Development Officer, at which point he brought his family over to settle in Australia... a move he has never regretted. In his speech he thanked all who helped him in his personal and professional life, especially in the early years, and in particular all the staff who contributed to make the ADFELPS testing system a success. Thankfully, he won't be far away as he will be teaching at DFSL. No doubt, we will see him again at DITC functions, at which he will always be welcome.