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Friendship through Understanding Language Websites Links

The Language Maintenance Website list (updated June 2013) provides a comprehensive summary of useful worldwide language learning websites for language learners.

B - Beginners, I - Intermediate, A - Advanced, L - Listening, R - Reading, W - Writing, S - Speaking, V - Vocabulary, G - Grammar
Domain Level Website Name, Description and Link Language and Skills
General B, I, A Agenda Web

Hundreds of exercises to learn English online: grammar exercises, verbs exercises, songs, vocabulary activities, listening, reading, videos. Phonetics, movies, grammar worksheets, flashcards, dictionary.

English L, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A BBC Learning English

BBC General Language Learning Website.

English (UK) L, R, G, V
General B, I Better@English

Free English lessons for learning English vocabulary, idioms, slang, grammar. With downloadable podcasts (sound files and transcripts) to learn authentic conversational English.

English L, R, G, V
General B, I Breaking News English

News items with wide variety of exercises.

English (UK) L, S, R, G, V
General B, I British Council Learn English

Website from the British Council with games, stories, listening activities, video content and grammar exercises.

English (UK) L, R, G, V
General B, I, A Byki

Wide array of exercises and learning aids for many languages to download. Extensive electronic multi-media flash card capability (flash cards with video, audio, pronunciation assessment, pronunciation graphics), a multitude of learner games and activities.
Introductory language learning is free. The deluxe versions cost about $100 per language.

Various L, R, G, V
General B, I, A Cambridge English

This site offers a comprehensive range of resources to support exam preparation, from print materials such as past papers, revision guides and coursebooks to computer resources such as sample papers, online courses and interactive games.

English (UK) Self-Assessment
General A CNN Student News

TA ten-minute daily news program for middle and high school students produced by the journalists and educators at CNN.

English L
General B, I, A Dialang - Lancaster University

DIALANG is a language diagnosis system which reports your level of skill against the CEF scale. Skills measured are reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary. DIALANG has instructions and tests in 14 European languages.

Various Self-Assessment
General B, I, A DuoLingo

Learning programs for Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Provides listening, reading, speaking, and writing opportunities.
Registration required.

Various L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A Ed Helper

Strategies and exercises to improve reading skills.

English R
General B, I, A English as 2nd Language

ESL Portal with lots of language learning materials and links to relevant websites.

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I English At Home

Website to learn English grammar, vocabulary and speaking with games, free lessons & more.

English S, R, G, V
General B, I English Club

Various activities, vocabulary, dictation, grammar and other skills with feedback. Has also pages with English for work (such as for nurses or police).

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General A English for Academic Purposes

Using English for academic purposes: information and advice for students in higher education.

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A English Language Exercises

Online English Lessons to improve your listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar skills.

English L, R, G, V
General B, I English Listening Lesson Library Online

Audio and Video lessons with many different (also non-native) English accents.

English L
General I, A English Online France

Resources for students of English as a foreign language; includes practical advice on learning English on your own.

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A Englishpage.Com

English tutorials featuring dozens of interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises.

English G, V
General B, I, A English-Zone

Reading comprehension exercises organised by level.

English R, G, V
General B, I, A ESL

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language.

English R, G, V
General B, I ESL Fast

Listening exercises with script. Practice conversations (in writing) with virtual "tutor Mike".

English S, R, W
General B, I, A ESL Gold

English exercises, explanations, and examples for students of English; provides hundreds of pages of free information and resources. Materials are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access.

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General I, A ESL Study HaLL

Provides links to websites devoted to various aspects (reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar) of learning the English language. Clicking on 'listening' will connect students to a variety of spoken English sites.

English L, R, G, V
General B, I, A ESLAmerica

ESL Portal with lots of language learning materials and links to relevant websites.

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A ESLPoint

ESL Point provides explanations, exercises and practice quizzes for learners of English.

English L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A Exam English

This website is for people studying for an English language exam and contains free online practice test for the most important international ESL/EFL exams.

English Self-Assessment
General B, I, A Flo-Joe

Exercises for English language exam preparation.

English (UK) Self-Assessment
General B, I Freerice

UN Site with language exercises. For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme.

Various G, V
General I, A Guide to Grammar and Writing

This site contains dozens of digital handouts on grammar and English usage, over 170 computer graded quizzes, and recommendations on writing - from sentence structure to research papers. May need intro by teacher but can then be used independently by students.

English W, G
General B, I, A Innovative Language

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Language Instruction in 27 languages. Wide array of dialogues, podcasts, written material.
Beginning stages offered free. Premium membership with total access approx. $350 per year per individual.

Various L, S, R, W, G, V
General B, I, A Interesting Things for ESL Students

A "fun site" for students of the English language. This site includes puzzles, work games, quizzes, slang, flash cards, and much more. Has audios with transcripts, incl. non-native English accents.

English L, R, G, V
General B, I, A iTests

A free placement test to find out which exam level is right for you as a student of English.

English Self-Assessment
General B, I, A Learn English Online

Helps students learn English online with exercises on grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

English L, R, G, V
General I, A Learn NC

Tools to improve essay writing; intended for teachers, but also useful for students.

English W
General B, I Learning English Online

Learn English words, practise grammar, look at some basic rules, prepare for exams, do tests or just have fun playing games. Enjoy yourself with more than 750 exercises online.

English R, G, V
General B, I, A Learning to Learn Online

Online module is for anyone who wants to learn about how to learn, such as improving note taking and reading skills, writing assignments and referencing.

English R, W
General B, I Listen A Minute

More than 450 listening passages with exercises.

English L
General B, I, A Literacy Net

This site offers web-delivered instruction using current and past news stories. The learner can choose to read the text, listen to the text, and view a short video clip of the story. Each story has interactive activities to assess comprehension.

English L, R
General I, A New York Times Learning Network

New York Times site with English resources on a wide range of topics.

English (US) R
General B, I News in Levels

News clips with accompanying spoken and written text at 3 levels.

English L
General B, I, A One Stop English

Site with lots of materials for English teachers, but also useful for students.

English L, R, W, G, V
General I, A Phrase Finder

Website explaining the meanings and origins of thousands of English sayings, phrases, idioms and expressions. Option of subscribing to 'A phrase a week', a weekly e-mail in which the origin of a commonly-used English phrase or saying is explained.

English R, V
General I, A Purdue University Online Writing Lab

More than 200 writing resources, including mechanics and style guides.

English W
General B, I, A Raccoon English

Online english lessons and printable worksheets.

English L, R, G, V
General B, I, A Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

This site provides a variety of audio narrations (dialog) that students can listen to. The narrations are in different difficulty levels, and there are accompanying listening comprehension quizzes.

English (US) L, R
General B, I RHL School

Strategies and exercises to improve reading skills, grammar and usage.

English R, G, V
General B, I, A Scola

Copyright free materials from around the world. Insta-Lessons. Live streams. On-the-street interviews. International radio. Documentaries, soap operas, dramas, cultural videos, newscasts. Translations from the language to English. Allows repurposing of materials. Hundreds of schools and universities participate as well as the US government.
Requires a license - very reasonable cost.

Various L, R
General I, A Sounds of English

This website is designed for learners of English and their teachers. It includes English pronunciation pages - pictures, sounds, and videos to help learners with their English. The site also includes listening exercises with online activities, printable worksheets, and teacher guides.

English L, S
General I, A Study AU

Reading preparation for IELTS exam preparation.

English R
General B, I, A Study Zone

Strategies to improve your language skills.

English L, S, R, W
General B, I, A Talk

Webiste to help learners improving their spoken English.

English L, S, G, V
General A TED

Useful site for listening; lots of interviews and talks on all sorts of things. Subtitles available in many languages.

English L
General I, A The Effective Reader

Strategies and practice exercises to improve reading skills.

English R
General B, I, A The Free Dictionary

Online dictionary and thesaurus in many languages with word/article of the day, games and a language forum.

Various G, V
General I, A The Guardian

English learning pages of The Guardian.

English (UK) L, R
General I, A The World Today

The World Today has audio and transcripts from news stories, but does not provide exercises with them.

English (AU) L, R
General B, I Transparent Language

Measure your command of a foreign language with free proficiency tests in 14 different languages.

Various G, V
General B, I, A Using English

Free tool for ESL students, including English language references, activities including tests and polls, and articles on English usage.

English L, R, W, G, V
General I, A

Test the size of your English vocabulary and affix knowledge.
Registration required.

English V
Business B, I, A Better English

Grammar and vocabulary exercises with feedback, for learning business English.

English G, V
Military B, I, A Defence International Training Centre

Website of the Australian Defence International Training Centre specifically designed for military students to maintain their English language skills.
Internet Explorer required.

English (AU) L, R, W
Military B, I, A NATO e-learning

NATO e-learning website with many different military related courses.
Registration with service e-mail address required.

English L, R, G, V
General/Military B, I, A Defence Language Institute - Foreign Language Center

Initial language acquisition (RAPPORT and HEADSTART2); cultural orientations/countries in perspective; accent libraries for Spanish and Arabic; Iraqi and Spanish phone conversations; Online Diagnostic Assessment in Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Farsi and other languages; Weekly Training Events; Language Survival Kits, and much more.

Various L, S, R
General/Military B, I, A GLOSS

Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS) lessons are developed for independent learners to provide them with the learning tools for improving their foreign language skills. GLOSS currently offers 2850 reading and listening lessons in 24 languages.

Various L, R, G, V