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Friendship through Understanding Latest News

White Ribbon Day at DITC

White Ribbon Day
24 November, 2017

DITC hosted a White Ribbon day morning tea which was attended by students and staff from across RAAF Base Williams. The CO spoke about the importance of the movement to eradicate domestic violence and encouraged participants to engage actively in the effort by standing up, speaking out and acting to prevent violence. At the end of his speech, participants took the 'White Ribbon' oath, signed a pledge and donated to the cause..


Remembrance Day ceremony

Remembrance Day
11 November, 2017

Students and staff gathered around the DITC cenotaph to commemorate Remembrance Day 2017. Every year on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at 11am Australians gather to remember all those from all nations who sacrificied their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy today. DITC thanks all for their participation and their honouring of this event. Lest we forget.


Cambodian Independence Day

Cambodian Independence Day
9 November, 2017

Cambodian Independence Day was celebrated today at DITC when students and staff gathered to remember the heroes of the nation who fought for its independence. The occasion was marked by speeches, a salute to the national flag and a few moments of silent reflection. Congratulations to all our Cambodian friends, past, present and future.


France officer welcomed to DITC

France Joins DITC Family
2 November, 2017

DITC welcomed our first officer from France today, which became the 63rd nation to join our family of friends. We wish him well during his stay in Australia and hope there will be more from his homeland to follow his footsteps. Bienvenu!


Indonesian officers promoted

Promotion of Indonesian Officers
4 October, 2017

The CO carried out a promotion ceremony for two Indonesian officers today which was attended by all DITC staff and students. Normally, the officers' partners are invited to participate in the ceremony but as they were not present the CO was happy to double up on their behalf. Congratulations to the new LTCOL and LEUT!