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Friendship through Understanding Latest News

TPC graduation ceremony

Teachers Develop Teaching Pronunciation Skills
15 March, 2018

After having graduated from the TPC 1/18 course at DITC, a group of experienced language teachers now also have extensive pronunciation teaching skills. Many of these students had already completed the MELT course and have been teaching for a while, so for their teachers, it was gratifying to see their development in the meantime. According to their spokesperson, the returning students see their teachers as 'godparents', guiding their 'children' on their path to becoming even better teachers... a role that they will themselves take on in the near future.



DOS - Navy Visits DITC
9 March, 2018

The Director of Studies - Navy visited DITC today and met with the executive, staff and students on a familiarization tour. After discussions with the executive and meeting with some of our ISO's he addressed staff, expressing his intention to visit regularly and to develop his knowledge of the role and function of DITC..


International Women's Day at DITC

International Women's Day
8 March, 2018

International Women's Day was marked at DITC today with a range of activities aimed at heightening people's perception of women's role in the past and at present. Our Cambodian ISO also delivered an engaging speech highlighting her personal experiences on her quest for personal and professional development.


CO addresses students of AAELC

AAELC Commences
5 March, 2018

The Advanced Australian English Language Course commenced today and the CO took the opportunity to vist students in the classroom and personally welcome them to the course. The aim is to develop these students language proficiency prior to attendance on target courses requiring higher level language skills.


ARTC Graduation

ARTC Graduates Join the Ranks
2 March, 2018

The list of new ADFELPS Raters grew today as after the successful completion of the ADFELPS Raters Training Course. They will make a welcome addition to the list and will assist our mission to increase international cooperation through language training.


ISO Phillipines welcomed by CO

New ISO from the Philippines
8 January, 2018

Our new ISO from the Philippines was welcomed to DITC at the start of this year by the CO. He will be posted with us for the next two years. We look forward to a bright and fruitful partnership together.