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Friendship through Understanding AELC Intermediate Phase

Defence International Training Centre (DITC) designed and published the Australian English Language Course (AELC) Intermediate Phase Course materials. The print, audio and visual materials are designed for use by military language schools to teach Australian English in both general military and specialised military contexts. The AELC Intermediate Phase is particularly designed for students who are preparing to undertake training in Australia under the Defence Co-operation and related Training Programs.

The AELC Intermediate Phase print materials are available for order in electronic format to facilitate in-country printing by a commercial printer. The audio and visual materials will be supplied by DITC upon receipt of the completed order form.

Download the AELC Electronic Version Order Form and give it to your local Defence Cooperation Education Officer (DCEO) or equivalent.

AELC Intermediate Phase Bulletin Download PDF[665KB]
AELC Electronic Version Order Form Download PDF[21KB]

AELC Advice Form for Errors

This form is designed to give feedback to the AELC writers and desktop publishers on any errors, you may come across while teaching the AELC materials.

AELC Advice Form for Errors Download PDF[23KB]