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Friendship through Understanding History

Defence International Training Centre (DITC) was originally established in 1979 when the Army Languages Training Wing amalgamated with the RAAF School of Languages. In 1985 it was restructured to become a tri-Service Unit, the Defence Cooperation Language School. In 1990, it adopted its current title and, in 1994, DITC was formally established as a joint Service Unit, funded by Strategy Group and administered as part of Air Force Training Group. DITC transitioned to ADC, in response to the Strategic Reform Program, in June 2011.

Today, students at DITC come from the defence forces of more than 30 Asian, Middle Eastern, South East Asian and South West Pacific nations. They range in rank from newly enlisted personnel to senior officers. Scientists, engineers and other ranks also attend DITC courses from time to time. Over 800 students a year pass through DITC, with an average of 50 students in residence at any one time. A key aim of DITC is to enhance the effectiveness of training provided in Australia to overseas Defence Force personnel, by facilitating the integration of those personnel into ADF training systems, and fostering cross cultural awareness between members of the ADF and foreign military personnel.