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Friendship through Understanding DITC Yearly Calendar

The 2013 DITC Calendar aims highlight upcoming DITC events, religious events, festivals and national days of DCP nations.

Events today

January Date Event Religion / Country
January 1 Tue New Year's Day Festival
January 4 Fri Independence Day Myanmar
January 24 Thu Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

This date marks the birthday of Muhammad, regarded by Muslims as a messenger and prophet of God.

January 25 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
January 25 Fri Induction Day - Mandatory training for all staff Classroom 8 & 9
January 26 Sat Australia Day

On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what's great about Australia and being Australian. Australia Day celebrations are held in communities across the country. Order of Australia awards are announced on Australia Day and the Queen's Birthday each year.

January 26 Sat Republic Day India
January 28 Mon Australia Day Holiday Australia
January 29 Tue School term starts Australia
February 4 Mon Independence Commemoration Day Sri Lanka
February 6 Wed Waitangi Day New Zealand
February 7 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
February 9 Sat Vietnamese New Year Festival
February 10 Sun Chinese New Year (Year of the Water Snake)

Snake Years are the sixth year of the Chinese zodiac cycle. The Snake is symbolic of intuition, introspection, refinement and composure.

February 22 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
February 23 Sat National Day Brunei Darussalam
February 25 Mon National Day Kuwait
March 6 Wed Independence Day Ghana
March 7 Thurs Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
March 8 Fri Moomba Waterfest, Melbourne (to 11 March)

This festival's highlights include Dragon Boat races, the Birdman Rally, fireworks display, the Moomba Parade and Waterfest Carnival.

March 12 Tue National Day Mauritius
March 21 Thu Harmony Day

Harmony Day celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of our nation and promotes the benefits of cultural diversity. Schools, community groups and organisations across Australia host Harmony Day events.

March 23 Sat Pakistan Day Pakistan
March 26 Tue Independence Day Bangladesh
March 28 Thu Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
March 28 Thu School Term 1 ends Victoria
March 29 Fri Good Friday

This is a solemn Christian remembrance of the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

April 1 Mon Easter Monday

In addition to its religious significance, Easter in Australia is enjoyed as a four-day holiday weekend starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday. This long weekend is an opportunity to take a holiday or get together with family and friends.

April 4 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
April 7 Sun Daylight saving ends (move clock back an hour at 3am) Melbourne
April 15 Mon School term 2 starts Victoria
April 25 Thu Anzac Day

Anzac Day is one of Australia's most important dates of national commemoration. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War (1914-18), at Gallipoli. Dawn services at war memorials honour the sacrifice of those who died in war. Marches and reunions are held during the day.

April 26 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
May 1 Wed Constitution Day Marshall Islands
May 2 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
May 3 Fri Constitution Day Japan
May 12 Sun Mother's Day Australia
May 20 Mon National Day Cameroon
May 20 Mon Independence Day East Timor
May 22 Wed National Day Yemen
May 25 Sat National Day Argentina
May 25 Sat Independence Day Jordan
May 25 Sat Buddha Day - Vesak Day

Vesak is the major Buddhist festival of the year and celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.

May 28 Tue National Day Ethiopia
May 30 Thu Dining-in Night (Army) Officers Mess
May 31 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
June 1 Sat Independence Day Samoa
June 6 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
June 10 Mon Queen's Birthday (except WA)

Celebrating the King or Queen of Australia's birthday in Australia dates back to 1788, when Governor Phillip declared a public holiday. Order of Australia award recipients are announced on Australia Day and the Queen's Birthday.

June 12 Wed Independence Day Philippines
June 20 Thu World Refugee Day United Nations
June 25 Tue Independence Day Mozambique
June 27 Thu Independence Day Djibouti
June 28 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
June 28 Fri School term 2 ends Victoria
June 30 Sun Independence Day Congo, Democratic Republic of
July 1 Mon Independence Day Rwanda
July 4 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
July 7 Sun National Day Solomon Islands
July 9 Tue Independence Day South Sudan
July 9 Tue Ramadan begins

Ramadan is the most auspicious month on the Islamic calendar, being the month in which the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. During Ramadan Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset.

July 11 Thu Anniversary of Mongolian People's Revolution Mongolia
July 12 Fri National Day Kiribati
July 15 Mon School term 3 starts Victoria
July 23 Tue Anniversary of Revolution of 23 July Egypt
July 26 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch Cancelled
July 30 Tue Independence Day Vanuatu
August 1 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
August 4 Sun Constitution Day Cook Islands
August 5 Mon Independence Day Burkina Faso
August 8 Thu Eid al Fitr (end of Ramadan)

The Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, ends with the festival of Eid al Fitr. A celebratory meal breaks the fast and at this time charity and good deeds have special significance. Eid is also a time of forgiveness and making amends.

August 9 Fri National Day Singapore
August 14 Wed Independence Day Pakistan
August 15 Thu Independence Day Congo, Republic of
August 15 Thu Independence Day India
August 17 Sat Proclamation of Independence Indonesia
August 30 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
August 31 Sat National Day Malaysia
September 1 Sun Father's Day Australia
September 2 Mon National Day Vietnam
September 5 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
September 9 Mon National Day Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
September 16 Mon Independence Day Papua New Guinea
September 20 Fri School term 3 ends Victoria
September 23 Mon National Day Saudi Arabia
September 27 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
September 30 Mon National Day Botswana
October 1 Tue National Day China
October 1 Tue National Day Nigeria
October 1 Tue National Day Palau
October 1 Tue Independence Day Tuvalu
October 3 Thu National Day Iraq
October 3 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
October 6 Sun Daylight Savings begins (turn clocks forward an hour at 2am) Melbourne
October 7 Mon School term 4 starts Victoria
October 9 Wed Independence Day Uganda
October 25 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
October 25 Fri International Night TBA
October 31 Thu Halloween

Halloween has its origins in ancient pagan, Celtic harvest and Christian festivals. Children dress up as witches, devils, ghosts and skeletons and seek small treats from neighbours.

November 3 Sun National Day Micronesia, Federated States of
November 3 Sun Deepavali - Festival of Lights

Australians of Hindu, Sikh, and Jain faiths celebrate Deepavali (Diwali), or the Festival of Lights. This is a very popular festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

Hindu, Sikh, Jain
November 4 Mon National Day Tonga
November 5 Tue Al Hijra Muharram (New Year)

Muharram is the first month of the year on the Islamic Calendar and marks the New Year for Muslims.

November 5 Tue Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is Australia's premier horse racing event that stops the nation. It is always held on the first Tuesday in November.

November 7 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
November 9 Sat Independence Day Cambodia
November 11 Mon Remembrance Day

This day marks the anniversary of the armistice which ended the First World War (1914-18). We observe one minute's silence at 11am in memory of the millions who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

November 18 Mon National Day Oman
November 22 Fri Independence Day Lebanon
November 22 Fri Dining-in Night (RAAF) Officers Mess
November 28 Thu Proclamation of Independence Day Timor-Leste
November 28 Fri Unit BBQ Lunch DITC BBQ Area
November 28 Fri DITC's Birthday DITC
December 2 Mon National Day Laos
December 2 Mon National Day United Arab Emirates
December 5 Thu Birtday of HM King of Thailand Thailand
December 5 Thu Pancake Morning Tea Common Room
December 9 Mon Independence and Republic Day Tanzania
December 11 Wed National Day Burkina Faso
December 12 Thu Jamhuri (Independence) Day Kenya
December 16 Mon National Day Bahrain
December 18 Wed National Day Qatar
December 20 Fri School term ends Victoria
December 23 Mon Emperor's Birthday Japan
December 24 Tue Christmas Eve - Carols By Candlelight

Carols By Candlelight is a community event especially for children. Pack a picnic dinner, bring a rug, light a candle and join in singing Christmas carols in the season of peace and goodwill.

December 25 Wed Christmas Day

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, peace on earth and good will. Christmas lights and trees are displayed, carols sung and children eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus and gifts.

December 26 Thu Boxing Day

Two important sporting events are held - the start of the Sydney to Hobart bluewater classic yacht race and the Boxing Day test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

December 31 Tue New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time for communities, families and friends to celebrate the year past and the year to come. Fireworks light up cities and harbours around Australia.