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Stay smart online: use social media with care

Dec 7 2017

Staying safe on social media sites is everybody’s responsibility.

When you use social media, you need to consider the platform’s privacy and security settings and its guidelines with respect to lawful use and community standards.

As a Defence family member, being mindful of the content you post to Facebook and other social media sites will also help protect the online security of both your family and your ADF member.

Some things to remember when online:

  • Respect privacy, be polite and treat other users with respect – if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.
  • Be aware that anything you post online can be seen by others, even on a ‘closed group’ or secure site.
  • Avoid identifying yourself or others as a Defence family member, or using names and images with a connection to Defence.
  • Do not post dates, locations, unit numbers, names, photographs of your member in uniform, or details about missions or operations.
  • Think twice about posting any personal details about your family such as where you live, your schedule or job.
  • Educate children about what information they should not post or discuss online and why.
  • Only accept friend requests from people you know personally.
  • Be aware of inadvertently sharing metadata, such as GPS coordinates of your location in digital photos.
  • If you start your own social media group, you have additional responsibility to ensure what is posted is appropriate, and to support and guide users when needed.

Visit the Stay Smart Online website for information about maintaining your personal security online and safer use of social media.