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ADF Superannuation

JUN 28 2016

Introducing ADF Superannuation

The Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MSBS) will be closed to new members from 1 July 2016, making way for a new military superannuation arrangement. Existing members of MSBS may choose to transfer to the new superannuation arrangement or stay in MSBS.

The new superannuation arrangement includes a fully funded superannuation accumulation fund, ADF Super (the default fund) with an employer contribution rate of 16.4 per cent. It is accompanied by a death and invalidity scheme - ADF Cover - that is consistent with the death and invalidity cover in MSBS.

Under the new superannuation arrangement, ADF Super will be the default superannuation fund; however, members can also choose their own superannuation fund. Any member who chooses their own fund will still receive an employer contribution from Defence of 16.4 percent and be covered by ADF Cover.

ADF Cover and ADF Super will be managed by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation. For more information, please visit:; or

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