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Changes to warranty scheme

MAR 01 2016

Changes to warranty scheme for Defence families moving house

The warranty scheme for loss or damage to domestic household furniture and effects related to removals has changed.

Defence is substituting the existing 'like-for-like' replacement cover with a new replacement cover for items in predefined categories and age limits.

The change is being made as a result of feedback received from Defence families and will provide improved cover where an item is lost or damaged as a result of a removal. Warranty coverage has been a concern for families who decide to buy a new replacement item following a claim for loss or damage.

Where there's more than minor damage to an item, Toll Transitions will assess if repair of the old item is economical. If it isn't, Toll will supply a new replacement item.

The existing 'like-for-like' replacement cover will continue to apply to items which fall outside the specified age limits.

For example, if the loss or damage is for a TV with a new replacement value of $500 or more, and date of manufacture is within 10 years of removal uplift, it may be replaced new-for-old. But, if the date of manufacture is 10 years or more before uplift date, it may be replaced like-for-like.

The change will apply to all consignments uplifted on and from 1 March 2016, including consignments uplifted from storage.

See the updated Defence Relocation Guide and FAQs on the changes to the warranty scheme on the Toll Transitions website at

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