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Defence Community Organisation

For ADF members and their families

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HMAS Cerberus


Community groups & centres

Cerberus Cottage Family and Friends

Cerberus Cottage offers a number of activities including playgroup, ceramics and craft activities, cuppas with the Family Liaison Officer and fitness activities. The Cottage also has computer access and provides referral to all services at DCO. The Cottage Crier can be obtained from Cerberus Cottage or by contacting the Cottage.

The Cottage also runs the Temporary Accommodation - Cook Road Lodge at HMAS Cerberus, which is available to any serving member (full -time or reservist) and their families and friends. The two bedroom cottage is fully self contained (including bedding). 
Where: 16 Cook Road, HMAS Cerberus
More information: send an email to or call 03 5983 0274. You can also visit the Cerberus Cottage Facebook page

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HMAS Cerberus and surrounds:

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 03 9282 3028
 1st Floor, 661 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3001

 03 5931 6095
 Building 116 HMAS CERBERUS VIC 3920

by appointment only
 03 9282 3028
 Mackay Rd, Building 16, Simpson Barracks (Watsonia), Macleod VIC 3085 

by appointment only
 03 9282 3028
Building 27, Medical Centre Sir Richard Williams Drive, RAAF Williams Laverton

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