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The procedures in AAP7001.059-TAREG support compliance with AAP7001.053-Technical Airworthiness Regulations, which have been superseded.

Procedures supporting compliance with AAP8000.011-Defence Aviation Safety Regulations are contained in AAP 7001.059-TRANSITION

An organisation’s exposition details which 059 version is applicable


1. The Work Health and Safety Act (Commonwealth) 2011 (WHS Act) provides for a balanced and consistent framework to secure the health and safety of the worker and workplace. The WHS Act applies to all persons employed by Defence both for general duty of care and specific obligations in respect to workplace health and safety, and provides a framework within which they co-operate to address health and safety issues.

2. In accordance with the Defence WHS Policy Statement by the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) and the Secretary of Defence, Defence is committed to the provision of a healthy and safe work environment for all personnel (military and civilian), including contractors and visitors to ADF establishments. Commanders at all levels within Defence are responsible for consulting and co-operating with personnel to pursue the common aim of ensuring a healthy and safe work environment.

3. The instruction for the implementation of Work Health and Safety (WHS) in Defence is detailed in the WHS Manual Vol 2 Part 1 Chap 1 - Defence WHS Policy.

4. Single Service instructions are contained in the following:

  1. Air Force Agencies: AAP 6730.001—Air Force Safety Manual.
  2. Army Agencies: Army Safety Manual (ArmySAFE Manual).
  3. Navy Agencies: ABR 6303—Navy Safety Systems Manual.


5. AMOs must promulgate in the Maintenance Management Plan (MMP)/local instructions specific details of WHS topics pertinent to local needs and requirements. WHS topics to be considered for incorporation in MMP/local instructions are listed in Section 4 Chapter 1 Annex A—List of Local Issues.

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