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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Conference / Seminar Presentations

ADF Propulsion Symposium
WGCDR David Hood Contribution to safety, capability and cost of ownership PDF-392KB
Chris Torta Aircraft data use in Commercial Operations PDF-2773KB
Dr Dahe Gu Laser Thermometry in Sooting Flames PDF-4799KB
SQNLDR Dean Bishop T56 2nd Stage Compressor Wheel Risk Management Plan PDF-623KB
FLGOFF Dennis Schmidt ADF Wear Debris Analysis PDF-998KB
Mr Eric Lee Using K-Nearest Neighbours (KNN) Machine Learning Technique to Classify Archived Helicopter Wear Debris Data PDF-605KB
FLTLT Sarah McLaren AP-3C Reduction GearBox In-Flight Failures PDF-1893KB
Mr Jon Wingler Debris Analysis PDF-408KB
Mr Jonathan Speedy P-8A VSV HPC Corrosion Mitigation Actions PDF-1230KB
SQNLDR Justin Ryan Reliability & Aircraft Maintenance Programs (RAMP) Team Brief PDF-149KB
Mr Matt Wright SETH T700 Project Briefing PDF-3625KB
SQNLDR David Palmer PC9 Beermullah Investigation PDF-3673KB
Shannon Rolfi Engine Critical Parts Life Limit Exceedance Prevention on ARH Tiger PDF-771KB
Dr. Wenyi Wang Helicopter Planetary Gearbox Fault Detection PDF-1392KB
Dr Wenyi Wang Fatigue crack prediction and prognosis using Bayesian probabilistic framework PDF-1713KB
FLTLT Belinda Pavlovic ESIP vs PSIP PDF-1506KB
FLTLT Rashmin Gunaratne Gas Turbine Diagnostics Using ANN PDF-1725KB
Mr Alvin Ng PT6A Mission Analysis with Operational Loads Measurement Data PDF-1658KB
Mr Christopher Keryk A Healthy CARS & Fewer CARs PDF-580KB
Mr Christopher Keryk Oil Consumption Monitoringin CAMM2 Update PDF-920KB
Mr Eric Bula Cabin Air Quality PDF-1517KB
M Eric Witkowski Lighting in Inspection PDF-2213KB
Mr Michael Pohl RTM322 Clevis Pin Assembly PDF-1650KB
Mr Scott Streat & FLGOFF Anthony Allard Wedgetail Engine Corrosion PDF-934KB
Ms Natalia Suganda & Mr Greg Mason Thermal Stability Additive PDF-4629KB
SQNLDR Paul Martinovich Evolution of RAMP in the Air Domain PDF-461KB
SQNLDR Samantha Hearne ESI & DASR PDF-897KB
SQNLDRUlasYildirim Investigation of Combustion Characteristics of Future Generation Military Aviation Turbine Fuels PDF-4958KB
WGCDR David Hood & SQNLDR Samantha Hearne What is Going on PDF-684KB
WGCDR David Hood Observations on the evolution of ADO ESI Management 2002-2017 PDF-249KB



Continuing Airworthiness Conference 2016
CAPT Gary Holgate Welcome and The Regulators Role PDF-620KB
WGCDR Jason Dean and FLTLT Cam Shuck Hot topics Part M PDF-871KB
SQNLDR Paul Martinovich Reliability and your AMP PDF-618KB
WGCDR Jason Dean Non Aircraft Elements under DASR PDF-479KB 
LTCOL Aaron Rose Occurrence Reporting PDF-807KB 
Justin Taylor A Poseidon Adventure PDF-2043KB
WGCDR Jason Dean and FLTLT Mark Pickering Hot topics Part 145 PDF-289KB
SQNLDR Brendon Mulloy The 059 and DASR Alignment PDF-1144KB
WOFF Rod Geisler Life as a WOE The Cultural Battle PDF-2714KB
WGCDR Chris Ellison Building the Tech Workforce PDF-1613KB
CAPT Gary Holgate Day 2 Introduction PDF-378KB
Mr Dave Edwards Maturing your Organisation PSOE PDF-981KB
WGCDR Ash Howell CAMO to 21 Relationships PDF-2472KB
LTCOL Aaron Rose Oversight Where is it going in the future PDF-1559KB
Mr Ross Liley SMS Maturation Is it possible PDF-770KB
Mr Ross Liley Recognition What it can do for you PDF-399KB
Mr Andrew Chapman DASR Transition The Good the Bad and the Ugly PDF-792KB
Heath Smith Issues Frustrations and Victories PDF-1539KB
SQNLDR Jason Kier Fleet and Production Planning PDF-340KB
WGCDR Nic Moyle Implications and Ties with DASRs PDF-1097KB


Senior Design Engineer Symposium 2016
01.Terminology TAREG vs DASR PDF-707KB
02.Functions of SPO21 vs M and DASRM Transition PDF-307KB
03.MTCH Responsibilities PDF-164KB
04.AAC1-2016 Trans Guidance PDF-294KB
05.Transition to DASR 21 PDF-177KB
06.DASR & 1 QMS Implementation PDF-398KB
07.AWC DASR Brief PDF-863KB
08.Type Certification and the DASRs PDF-229KB
09.SMS and MR Part1 PDF-832KB
10.SMS and MR Part2 PDF-461KB
11.DASR Transition A Part21 Perspective PDF-2570KB
12.Treatment Of Specific Organisations PDF-290KB
13.QinetiQ Experience With DASRs PDF-1152KB
14.Sponsorship - Oversight Responsibilities PDF-152KB
15.DASR Forms PDF-259KB


ADF Aircraft Structural Integrity Symposium (AASIS16) 2016
Day 1  
Dr. Lawrence M. Butkus USAF Response to Contemporary Materials and Manufacturing Challenges in ASI PDF-6883KB
L. Molent AM Fatigue Lifing of Aircraft Composite Structures – A Proposal PDF-3583KB
SQNLDR L. Pearce C-27J Structural Substantiation Program (SSP) - Developing a Fully Integrated ASIP PDF-1373KB 
MAJOR M. Moussaoui A Contemporary View of the Tenets of Structural Integrity Management for Helicopters PDF-928KB 
Ms. A Mills Rotary Wing - Best Practice Fatigue Management PDF-900KB  
Mr. J. Moews Trainer Aircraft ASIP Case Study – The Australian Perspective PDF-1191KB 
Dr. W. Hu Probabilistic Methodology in Structural Lifing PDF-1164KB 
Mr. S. Galea Non-intrusive Flight Test Instrumentation for Aircraft Structural Integrity Management PDF-2730KB 
Mr. N. Rajic Microbolometer Thermoelastic Evaluation (MiTE) – Evolution of a Cracking ASI Management Tool PDF-2615KB
Day 2  
FLTLT Chris Kourloufas & Mr Jason Wittkopp (QinetiQ) F/A-18A/B Inner Wing Bonded Joint Defects -  Through Life Management Strategy PDF-5182KB 
Mr. M. Godinat ASIP Challenges of a Small and Unique Fighter Aircraft Fleet PDF-3568KB 
Ms. M Burchill Reducing ASI Risks : JSF Case Study on the Benefits of Integrated S&T Engagement with the Program PDF-1624KB 
Mr. S Swift ATSB Case Studies – ASI Lessons for Defence PDF-25093KB 
Mr. R Stewart C-27J Certification Overview & ASI Risk Areas  PDF-934KB
Mr. T. Simcock Ageing Aircraft Sustainment - Optimising Aircraft Availability PDF-790KB 
Professor Rhys Jones The Cubic Rule and the USAF approach to assessing the Risk of Failure PDF-1394KB 
Mr. D. Roles RAAF AP-3C Orion Corrosion Management Outcomes PDF-589KB 
Mr. K. Walker Certification of additive manufactured and repaired aircraft structures and components PDF-5977KB 
Mr. R. Boykett Future Airworthiness beyond 2030 PDF-1631KB
Workshop - Aircraft Structural Integrity aspects of the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations

Mr. P. Apap

DASA – ASI Presentation by Chief of the Office of Airworthiness PDF-1292KB