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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Airworthiness Conferences and Seminars

Communication is important to the Authority to ensure its stakeholders are provided with the most up-to-date information and changes in a Two-way exchange interface through a series of annual conferences and seminars. For general inquiries regarding DASA conferences and seminars listed below, please email DASA Learning and Development Coordination Section.

Please note: Only ADF personnel and contractors are eligible to nominate for DASA training.

Note: Right click on the PDF links below to download, complete and submit the forms.


  • International Military Airworthiness Regulation Conference. The intent of the conference was to provide the international community with an insight into the emerging global convention on airworthiness regulation of military aviation and to provide context on how this may enable Defence Forces and Industry to exploit the benefits of such a convention.

  • European Defence Agency – Military Airworthiness Conference. PDF-107KB. The implementation of the DASR in Australia and recognition arrangements was recently acknowledged by the European Defence Agency at the Military Airworthiness Conference held in Madrid, Spain on 26-27 Sep 18.  GPCAPT Joe Medved presented at the conference on the ‘Integration of US sourced military platforms into an EMAR-based airworthiness system’. 


  • ADF Propulsion Systems Symposium PDF-58KB. The ADF Propulsion Systems Symposium is sponsored by Engine Structural Integrity Section, DAVENG-DASA. The symposium is the only dedicated forum for military aero engines in Australasia. It is an excellent opportunity for organisations and personnel in the ADF aero engine community to meet and share their knowledge and experience. The ADF Propulsion Systems Symposium for 2018 hosted by DASA commenced on Tue 16 Oct in Melbourne.   The Symposium has over 140 delegates with both international and domestic engineers, scientists and executives representing Defence, Defence industry, Government organisations and Academia attending.  This is the largest attendance to date.  This year there is particularly strong representation from the Services, CASG, DST, industry and Academia.  The Symposium has international representatives from the US (government, industry and academia) Canada and NZ.
  • ADF Aircraft Structural Integrity Symposium PDF-2439KB. The ADF Aircraft Structural Integrity Symposium (AASIS) is the only dedicated forum for military Aircraft Structural Integrity in Australasia. The theme for the 2019 AASIS is ‘Innovative Sustainment’ and will be held at Defence Plaza Melbourne in the Melbourne CBD over 18-20 March 2019. The symposium is targeted at all personnel involved in the acquisition and in-service management of ADF aircraft systems, as well as interested representatives from foreign military forces, science and technology organisations, research and development centres, commercial aerospace organisations, airworthiness regulators, and academia.
Past Conference and Seminar presentations