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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

The Defence Aviation Safety Authority

In accordance with Joint Directive 24/2016 The Defence Aviation Safety Framework PDF-237KB, the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) is responsible for enhancing and promoting the safety of military aviation. This objective is primarily achieved through implementation of a Defence Aviation Safety Program (DASP) that supports compliance with statutory safety obligations and assures the effective management of aviation safety risks.

Joint Directive 04/2018 PDF-326KB has now been released which extends the validity of Joint Directive 24/2016 to 31 December 2021.

Super Hornet Aircraft

Aviation Software Certification (Introduction)

This course provides an overview of the unique considerations in the management and certification requirements of aviation software. It is highly recommended that participants complete this course before undertaking further aviation software training.
Scheduled: RAAF Base Williamtown, 09 April 2019.

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P8 Poseidon Aircraft

DASR 66 Practitioner Course - Maintenance Licencing Requirements

This course provides in-depth information about the DASRs that apply to Maintenance Organisations and the responsibilities of those people whose job is to: authorise the use of licences, assess compliance with DASR 66 and exercise (use) their licence.
Scheduled: HMAS Albatross, 01 May 2019.

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Army MRH-90 helicopter

Helicopter Structural Engineering Familiarisation Course

The aim of the course is to provide participants with an understanding of helicopter structural design principles and the need for structural integrity management of ADF helicopters.
Scheduled: Victoria Barracks, Brisbane, 15-17 Apr 2019.

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Defence Aviation Safety Regulation- September 2018 Release

Photo of an Refueller aircraft
Defence Aviation Safety Regulation - September 2018 Release.

Top Level Changes to 27 Sep 18 DASR Release PDF-72KB

Defence Aviation Safety Regulation - Safety Management System

PhotO of F35C aircraft.
Defence Aviation Safety Regulation - Safety Management System.

Defence Aviation Safety Assurance Manual (DASAMAN) - December 2017 Release

Photo of Blackhawk Helicopters

Defence Aviation Safety Assurance Manual (DASAMAN) - December 2017 Release.

Notice of Proposed Amendment 03/2017 Has Been Released

Photo of a Hercules Aircraft
Notice of Proposed Amendment 03/2017 - Defence Aviation Safety Regulation for Aircraft Maintenance Training Organisations (DASR 147) Has Been Released.

Defence Engineer and Senior Technician Agreement - March 2018

Photo of Aircraft Operator
ADF technical personnel will soon be receiving recognition from Engineers Australia meaning their skills will be recognised internationally.

Advisory Circular 001/2018 - Risk Controls For UAS Operations

Photo of UAS Aircraft

Advisory Circular 001/2018 - Risk Controls for UAS Operations Has Been Released - March 2018.