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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

The Defence Aviation Safety Authority

In accordance with Joint Directive 24/2016 The Defence Aviation Safety Framework PDF-237KB, the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) is responsible for enhancing and promoting the safety of military aviation. This objective is primarily achieved through implementation of a Defence Aviation Safety Program (DASP) that supports compliance with statutory safety obligations and assures the effective management of aviation safety risks. The DASA comprises three organisational entities that operate collectively to administer and execute the DASP on behalf of the Defence Aviation Authority (Defence AA).

Blackhawk Helicopters

Ship Aviation Interface Certification Process Course

This course examines in detail the Ship Air Interface wrt the systems and process applied for managing the aviation interface and the roles and responsibilities of technical and certification practitioners.
Scheduled: Canberra, 2-3 May 2017

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MRH-90 Helicopter

E-3 Management for Maintainers Course

The course provides theory and practical instruction on E3 management.
Scheduled: RAAF Base Amberley, 9-12 May 2017

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NPA 01-2017 Defence Aviation Safety Regulation

NPA 01-2017 Defence Aviation Safety Regulation- For Military Aircraft Maintenance Licensing (DASR 66).

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French DSAE Applauds DASA Adoption of DASR

Photo of an AWEC aircraft
French DSAE Applauds DASA Adoption of DASR.

Defence Aviation Safety Assurance Manual (DASAM)- 29 September 2016 Release

Photo of a Tiger Helicopter
Defence Aviation Safety Assurance Manual (DASAM) 29 September 2016 Release.

Defence Aviation Safety Regulation - 31 January 2017 Release

Photo of Chinook Helicopter

AAP 8000.011 Defence Aviation Safety Regulation Manual 31 January 2017 Release.

Summary of Key Changes PDF-400KB
NPA 01-2017 Defence Aviation Safety Regulation - For Military Aircraft Maintenance Licencing (DASR 66) PDF-126KB

DASR 66 and DASR 147 FAQs

Photo of aircraft hangar
This page lists all of the FAQs pertaining to DASR 66 and DASR 147.

DASR Safety Management System

Photo of a MRH-90 Helicopter
This page provides information pertaining to the DASR Safety Management System.

Organisation Approvals Under DASR

Photo of an Aircraft Operator

This list provides information of organisations granted approvals under DASR.