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Acting Chief Finance Officer

Ms Angela Diamond

Financial Services Division

Branches: Skilling, Financial Services, and Finance Business Information.

The Financial Services Division delivers a range of Financial Services encompassing: managing accounting business systems including Defence’s general ledger system ROMAN; undertaking treasury and tax management functions; developing financial management and accounting policies; coordinating monthly financial data and preparing the annual financial statements; analysing, maintaining, updating and distributing the Chief Executive’s Instructions and delegations; supporting Ministers in their role as shareholders of DHA and other Defence Portfolio bodies, and manages its suite of activities to promote a Professional finance workforce.

Resource and Assurance Division

Branches: Financial Coordination Branch and Resource Assurance and Analysis Branch

The Resource and Assurance Division provides a whole-of-Defence focus to the planning, management, monitoring and reporting of Defence’s budget. It plays a key role in ensuring that resources and management information are available to support Defence decision making. FASRA is also responsible for cost assuring the resource aspects of Ministerial Submissions and Cabinet Submissions and undertaking strategic business analysis for OSCDF.