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Outcome One: Command of Operations

Australian Defence Force Operations

The ADF was called upon to undertake a number of regular and occasional tasks in support of national interests over 2004-05. These included specific and ongoing commitments to coastal surveillance, support to the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs and support to the Australia Customs Service.

Table 4.8 Operations for Peacetime National Tasks
Operation Objective, status and contribution
Nauru Assist II

April 2005
Objective: Disposal of a World War II Japanese aerial bomb.
Status: Completed.
Contribution: The ADF contribution was an explosive ordnance disposal team deployed to Nauru by Air Force aircraft. The bomb was moved to safe location and destroyed.

February 2005 - continuing
Objective: To provide ADF support to the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.
Status: Current.
Contribution: 15 ADF personnel are assigned to Operation Acolyte for planning and establishment of the operation.

November 2004 - February 2005
Objective: To provide support to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, held in Sydney, to enhance the image of Australia and the ADF.
Status: Completed.
Contribution: 113 personnel as ceremonial guard, 1 band of approximately 40 personnel, 3 pipes and drums bands of approximately 60 personnel and a further 30 personnel providing general support.

July 2004 - November 2004 (1)
Objective: To provide support to the Athens Olympics.
Contribution: The ADF provide a 3 person team to work at the Australian Embassy in Athens during the period of the Olympics and Para-olympic Games.
Relex II

March 2002 - continuing
Objective: To conduct air and surface patrols across Australia's northern approaches to deter unauthorised boat arrivals.
Status: Current.
Contribution: The ADF continued to provide support to the whole-of-government effort to deter unauthorised arrivals by sea in Australia's north-west approaches. ADF support included:
  • 1 frigate and one amphibious ship;
  • 2 P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft;
  • up to 6 Fremantle-class patrol boats; and
  • up to 3 ADF transit security elements.

1998 - continuing
Objective: To support Australian sovereign rights and fisheries law enforcement in the Southern Ocean by supporting the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and Australian Customs Southern Ocean fisheries patrols.
Status: Current.
Contribution: This is the overarching operation covering ADF support to surveillance and patrol of the Southern Ocean.

June 1997 - continuing
Objective: To coordinate the intelligence and provide surveillance information to the civil authorities that are operating in northern Australia.
Status: Current.
Contribution: Surveillance continued to be conducted using a range of ADF assets including Fremantle-class patrol boats, a P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft and Regional Force Surveillance Units.

1988 - continuing
Objective: To conduct South West Pacific maritime surveillance patrols.
Status: Current.
Contribution: Operation Solania was conducted at a reduced rate of effort due to higher operational commitments.

1980 - continuing
Objective: To conduct surface patrols in Bass Strait.
Status: Current.
Contribution: ADF surface patrols continue.


  1. The completion date for Operation Banlon was incorrectly reported as October 2004 in the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2004-05.
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