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Defence's award
winning performances

Here are just some of the awards recognising achievements by Defence personnel:

Diversity achievement

In October 2005, Defence received an award for leadership and excellence in the category 'Employment and Inclusion of People with a Disability' for its development and implementation of the Disability Management Strategy. This honour was presented at the 2005 Diversity@work Awards, a national award recognising the efforts and initiatives of Australian private and public sector organisations in encouraging workplace diversity.

The Disability Management Strategy is an initiative to drive cultural change within Defence, and identified key issues that needed to be addressed in order to support people with disabilities, including the provision of assistive technologies, equal access to career progression, and better management of people with disabilities.

Defence Materiel Organisation shines at AIPM Awards

Eleven Defence Materiel Organisation projects were nominated for top honours by state chapters of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) for project management achievement awards, held throughout August and September this year. The projects characterised the depth of spread of our core business - to equip and sustain the ADF - with a healthy representation of projects from Aerospace, Maritime, Land and Electronic and Weapons Systems domains.

'Rehabilitation and Return to Work' Award

The efforts of the 1st Health Support Battalion were recognised when it won the 2005 Defence Safety Award's 'Rehabilitation and Return to Work' category for the battalion's initial employment trainees injury program. This program works collaboratively with the Training Command - Army Rehabilitation Wing to ensure the rehabilitation of medium to long term injured Army initial employment trainees. As a result of winning the category within Defence, the nomination progressed for consideration at the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission 2005 Annual Safety Awards, where it was commended.

The employment trainees injury program was formed in July 2003 and aims to restore initial employment trainees, after illness or injury, to full health and to the military standard of fitness.

Test success

In Toronto, Canada in September this year, the Air Force and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation shared receipt of the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences' Von Karman award. This is the first time Australia has won this award, which recognises outstanding examples of international cooperation in the field of aeronautics. The award was presented for the structural testing program assessing the fatigue life of the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft.

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