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Noise Enquiries and Complaints

To make an enquiry or complaint about aircraft noise related issues, please use one of the below methods:

  • Online Enquiry / Complaints Form
  • Call 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362) and ask to be connected to your nearest base
  • Write a letter to Defence at:
    Staff Officer Aircraft Noise/Environment
    Russell Offices, Russell, ACT, 2601

Defence bases are busy places so you may need to leave a voicemail message on an answering machine, please ensure that you leave contact details in order for us to return your phone call.

All enquiries or complaints will be registered and if requested or required, an investigation will be commenced to determine if it was a military aircraft and if it was operating within the relevant procedures and guidelines.

To assist with the investigation, you should clearly give the date and time, your location, and a description of the event that caused you to make the enquiry or complaint.

Please note that inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

If you’re unhappy with how Defence has investigated your enquiry, you can contact the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.

Defence has signed a Memorandum of Understanding , so that the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman can provide a free, independent service that:

  • reviews the handling of complaints or enquiries about aircraft noise;
  • monitors and reports on the effectiveness of community consultation processes relating to Aircraft Noise undertaken by Defence;
  • monitors and reports on the effectiveness of the presentation and distribution of aircraft noise-related information; and
  • provides targeted reviews of specific aspects of Aircraft Noise management as requested by Airservices and Defence.

Community Consultation

Where possible, Defence will undertake community consultation about significant changes to aircraft types or flying programs which may impact on the aircraft noise experienced by the community. Community consultation may occur through community forums, with local councils, or through a formal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. Opportunities to be involved will be notified through this website.

Exercise and Training Area

To view current Air Force exercises and major training activities visit the Air Force website.

To view current Army exercises and major training activities visit the Army website.