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RAAF Base East Sale


The development of a new Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) map for RAAF Base East Sale involves examining different potential aircraft operating scenarios. The results from these scenario models are presented on Australian Noise Exposure Contour (ANEC) maps that are used during the community and stakeholder engagement process to obtain feedback. This feedback is then taken into consideration before an ANEC map is selected to represent the forecast noise exposure. Once reviewed and endorsed by the Department of Defence, this becomes the new ANEF.

The 2035 ANEC released in September 2016 for public feedback accounts for the following changes to aircraft operations at RAAF Base East Sale as part of the Pilot Training System project:

  • Introduction of the Pilatus PC-21 to replace the existing PC-9/A and CT-4B aircraft used by Central Flying School (CFS); and
  • Relocating Basic Flight Training School (BFTS) from Tamworth, NSW to RAAF Base East Sale. As part of the relocation, the Pilatus PC-21 will replace CT-4B aircraft currently used by BFTS.

For this ANEC, the noise emissions of the PC-21 were modelled using preliminary information. Since releasing this ANEC, noise testing was carried out to obtain more accurate information which has since been used in the modelling of the ANEF for RAAF Base East Sale.

The third and final consultation was held in Sale on 23 August 2017 to present the final ANEF 2035 to be endorsed by Defence, and includes the measured noise data for the PC-21.

Key Changes

The noise emissions of the PC-21 have been modelled using preliminary information. Testing was carried out to obtain more accurate information which will be used in subsequent noise modelling for RAAF Base East Sale

A net increase in the number of aircraft movements at RAAF Base East Sale is expected to occur, attributable to the relocation of BFTS to RAAF Base East Sale.

In addition to forecast changes associated with the Pilot Training System project, other changes at RAAF Base East Sale are accounted for in the 2035 ANEC. These include progressive changes in aircraft types (new RAAF, Navy and Army aircraft which visit the base) as well as updates in operating patterns of aircraft stationed at the base.

A map showing the new draft ANEF (in blue) can be downloaded here (pdf) or here (jpeg)

Have your say

Defence is committed to providing honest and accurate information about aircraft noise.  The ANEF is one of the tools used by Defence to share aircraft noise information.

Have your say by emailing Defence at by 5pm Friday 8th September 2017.