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Defence Establishment Fairbairn

RAAF Base Williams

Flying Operations

The RAAF Museum’s Interactive Flying Display is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 1pm, weather permitting. The flying display features one of the RAAF Museum’s heritage aircraft and may include an aerobatic display.  Interactive Flying Displays are not conducted between mid December and mid January.

Point Cook Aerobatics Training Area
Aerobatics is the term used to describe specialised flying manoeuvres not used in normal flight, such as loops, barrel rolls and spins.

The Point Cook Aerobatic Training area is located to the west of the Point Cook airfield over the waste water plant, south of the Werribee Golf Course, and east of Avalon airspace to mimimise the noise impact on residents. The Training area is used by operators from RAAF Williams Point Cook, Essendon Airport, Moorabbin Airport and Bacchus Marsh Airport.