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Australian Defence Force Academy

Tae Kwon Do

The intent for the Tae Kwon Do VECC for 2016 is to provide a safe controlled environment for all members, which includes undergraduates, advanced students and staff, to learn, develop and practice a variety of skills and self-defence techniques required to undertake black belt grading. This will enable members to confidently defend or defuse dangerous situations, which has the potential to save the member or others from serious injury.

The Tae Kwon Do VECC practises a martial art that focuses on the traditional values of self-awareness and character development. Tae Kwon Do builds courage and confidence by enabling members to push beyond their perceived comfort zones. The art fosters respect and honesty, both individually and collectively amongst the advanced and undergraduate students, teachers and military staff whilst improving the muscular and mental endurance of all members. In Tae Kwon Do we adhere to the traditional codes of conduct towards the instructor and students, were we encourage professional development being continuous self-improvement, innovation and progression. More experienced students provide additional insights and help guide and train new members to help them achieve their best.

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