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Australian Defence Force Academy

Rugby League

The ADFA Knights are a New South Wales Tertiary Rugby League (NSWTRL) club based in Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). In their first year in the NSWTRL they made the Semi-finals and have fought well in their second year in the competition. Before this, the ADFA Knights were a part of the George Took cup. The ADFA Knights are the most junior club at ADFA being around for only four years. This has provided some challenge for the ADFA Knights as we continue to build our customs and traditions from scratch. In this time though, the Knights have proved themselves to be well respected both as a club and individuals, in and around the rugby league community and ADFA.

The ADFA Knights are a premier, first grade club at ADFA and are developing their ties with their service representative teams. This is proving to provide several representative opportunities for our players as they develop themselves professionally both on and off the field. The Knights home ground is located at Addison oval, just across the road from ADFA. The Official emblem of the ADFA Knights is a knight with a sword and the ADFA shield.

The Knights are looking forward to a continued era of prosperity at ADFA, in Defence and within the Rugby League community.

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