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Australian Defence Force Academy

Military Skills

The role of the Military Skills Group is to supplement, enhance and develop the existing military skill base within undergraduates at ADFA. This was achieved in 2014 through the development and implementation of 3 training packages – Combat Fitness, Orders, and Navigation. In addition to these core training areas, the Military Skills Group has been heavily involved in a number of other events and activities.

Throughout the year we have had exposure to various training and learning opportunities, including instruction on various reconnaissance techniques, dealing with psychological stress on the battlefield, as well as various fieldcraft skills.

Early this year the Military Skills Group was heavily involved in the Fox Sports production with ADFA/DFR, ‘Code vs Code: the ADFA Challenge’. This was an event involving 3 high-profile sports stars as well as members of the MSG, and was streamed on national television.

The MSG also represented the Academy in an 80km weight loaded walk in early October, in order to raise funds and awareness for veterans living with PTSD.

Finally, Third Year members of the MSG conducted the ADFA Open Day Section Attack, which involved various maneuver assets such as an M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier and a Blackhawk helicopter.

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