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Australian Defence Force Academy

Aviation Interest

The Aviation Interest Group (AIG) is made up of officer cadets and midshipmen who share a passion for aviation. We seek to provide opportunities to maintain motivation towards our future aviation careers in the ADF. In the past the AIG have received briefs from BFTS instructors, F/A-18 aircrew, Roulettes and ACO instructors. The AIG have also had the opportunity to tour ADF aircraft as well as receive flights in aircraft such as the Blackhawk, CT-4 and Challenger. Gliding and powered flying weekends are other activities we pursue, with a number or our members obtaining various licence levels in gliding and powered flight.

The AIG is not just for RAAF officer cadets, we have members from all three services and rotorcraft enthusiasts are never forgotten. We are always open to suggestions and ideas for activities and encourage all of our members to actively participate in the club.

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