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Australian Defence Force Academy

Adventure Training

The ADFA Adventure Training VECC is a voluntary extra-curricular club that seeks to train officer cadets and midshipmen for roles in both peace and war. Training that is ‘adventurous’ in nature at ADFA is intended to provide experiences and challenges within the existing training continuum that are not normally encountered during AMET or day to day life at the academy. A well-planned and conducted Adventurous Training (AT) activity can be used to good effect in complimenting foundation military training and the leadership education of officer cadets and midshipmen.

The ADFA AT VECC aims to develop individual and team qualities and skill that enhance the competency of officer cadets and midshipmen in the ADFA training continuum that will lay foundation skills for operational performance in the future. These qualities include leadership, teamwork, trust, physical and mental fortitude, resourcefulness, self-discipline, risk management, stress management, military professionalism and courage. AT experiences can enhance performance in a variety of environments that will allow for highly trained, well rounded officer cadets and midshipmen to graduate from ADFA and utilise their experiences throughout their future careers.

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