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Australian Defence Force Academy

Academy Boardriders

The Academy Boardriders is a VECC at ADFA that was originally produced due to the enthusiasm and interest of members of the academy towards surfing and skating. Over the years as more members enter and leave ADFA the interests and desires of members of the club has fluctuated to include activities such as wakeboarding and kitesurfing. Furthermore, the strong following of the club amongst the cadet body brought about the merge of the winter sports VECC and our club to culminate into one stronger group, thus, the Academy Boardriders also plan and facilitate snow activities such as snowboarding and skiing.

Most importantly though, we will help to sustain the culture of ADFA by creating and organising exciting and enjoyable events such as ski trips and surfing trips that will provide an outlet away from the academy where they can relax, have fun, and allow them time and space to create a state of stability in this high intensity environment, allowing them to achieve and succeed once back in the academic environment.

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