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Australian Defence Force Academy

4x4 VECC

ADFA 4WD Interest group spends its time exploring the beaten tracks of the great outdoors where other vehicles fear to go.
The club organizes trips to the surrounding areas of Canberra which can incorporate camping, fishing, caving and other activities, as well as working with the community. There is no requirement to own a 4WD vehicle as there are plenty of social members who join us for the ride and activities and all members are encouraged to make suggestions at any time for activities whether 4WD oriented or just a getting together with friends who have similar interests.

The club aims to provide members with a range of skills including driving in rugged environments that may aid them in their future careers, as well as basic knowledge in vehicle maintenance and recoveries. All activities in the club promote safety and the exchange of knowledge and experience and aim to promote the enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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