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Australian Defence Force Academy

Airmen/Airwoman Access to the Academy Scheme

The Airman/Airwoman Access to the Academy Scheme (AAAS) gives suitably qualified Permanent Air Force (PAF) airmen/airwomen the opportunity to be appointed as officers to undertake full-time degree studies at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). Appointments under this scheme are confined to those specialisations in which Air Force has difficulty in meeting staffing requirements through traditional recruiting avenues and may vary from year to year, depending on circumstances.

PAF applicants for appointment as officers under the AAAS must have completed at least two years effective service following completion of their last period of Initial Employment Training.

Members appointed under the AAAS will complete Initial Officer Training course before commencing studies at the Defence Academy. At the Defence Academy, these officers will be posted to the Advanced Students Division for the duration of their tertiary studies. They will not undertake the military training program completed by midshipmen and officer cadets, but are encouraged to partake in other Academy activities.

Applications for appointment under the AAAS will normally be called for in the first half of the calendar year for commencement of studies at the Defence Academy for the following year.

Further information may be found in DI(AF) PERS 1-3 Appointment, Reappointment and Confirmation of Appointment of Officers of the Air Force and DI(AF) PERS 1-7 Appointment of Serving Members as Officers.

For further enquiries, members may contact:

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Airman/Airwoman Access to the Academy Scheme