Capability Coordinator for Geospatial Information

The principal role of the Capability Coordinator for Geospatial Information (CC-GI) is to coordinate the generation and sustainment of geospatial information and services (GI&S) within Defence. This means working collaboratively across organisational boundaries to meet the GI&S needs of the warfighter. The Deputy Secretary for Intelligence and Security formally accepted the responsibility of CC-GI on 4 September 2007.

The day-to-day management of the CC-GI role has been delegated to Director AGO and he is supported by the Office of the Capability Coordinator – Geospatial Information (OCC-GI).

The Defence Spatial Standards Office (DSSO) forms part of the OCC-GI and works closely with Defence organisations to set GI&S standards and specifications that support the integration and interoperability of new systems into broader Defence capability.

Defence Geospatial Strategy 2010

The Defence Geospatial Strategy 2010 (PDF) provides a comprehensive review of the geospatial challenges currently faced by Defence and the reforms to be made to build a new Geo Domain that effectively supports the warfighter and Defence business. The strategy describes the vision, mission and five geospatial strategic priorities for the Geo Domain, and the implementation strategies that will guide the development of Defence geospatial capability.

Jointly signed on the 16 December 2010 by the Vice-Chief of the Defence Force and the CC-GI, it is a Defence strategy but it aims to benefit and inform our allies, other government agencies and industry stakeholders who will work with us to deliver our geospatial future.