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Joint Capabilities Group

ADF Warfare Training Centre

Australian Defence College Simulation Centre


Simulation can be used for visualisation of military equipment and vehicles, to provide virtual walk-throughs and visual representations of complex data or abstract concepts. Virtual environments enable the production of screen shots and video of pre-scripted events for inclusion in course content or presentations.

ADC Simulation Products Supporting Visualisation

VBS3 provides an immersive 3D world for individual training. Used as a visualisation tool the included SQF scripting language can be used to choreograph events for video capture via in-game camera tools or 3rd party video/screen capture software. VBS3 has a large library of vehicles and equipment that users can browse and interact with using the Library Viewer feature.

>VBS Library Viewer

VBS scripted scenarios
VBS Library Viewer

VBS Library Viewer
VBS Library Viewer

VBS Library Viewer


A Showcase of Visualization Approaches for Military Decision Makers Denis Gouin, Peter Evdokiou, Rudi Vernik Defence R&D Canada - Defence Science & Technology Organization, Australia

Gamifying Submarine Training, Seriously LCDR Andrei Ezergailis - RAN Submarine Training and Systems Centre


VBS2 Demonstration Video

VBS2 Demonstration
Virtual Battle Space screen capture

Electronic Warfare Visualisation
Virtual Battle Space screen capture

JTCOIC Patriot Missile System Demonstration

Links - Bohemia Interactive, makers of VBS