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Australian Defence Force Academy

White Ribbon Day Message

White Ribbon Day

To the men and women of the Australian Defence Force Academy:

White Ribbon is Australia’s only national male-led campaign to end men’s violence against women. The movement works through primary prevention initiatives involving awareness raising, education and programs across workplaces and the broader community.

White Ribbon Day is an important day for the Academy to stop and think how we can m ake a difference to eradicate the many forms of violence against women. Think about the women in your lives – your mother, sister, daughter or friend; How would you feel – How would you react – if you found out that they were victims of any form of violence – be that emotional, psychological, verbal, financial, physical or sexual.

Our action of building an environment where this type of behaviour is challenged and not tolerated is the right thing to do. Through the language we use, the jokes we tell, actions we take and by simply having a discussion with other men in our lives on this topic, we can make a difference. Violence occurs because the perpetrator believes that the abuse is justified and acceptable, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, financial or sexual in nature. Victims of such abuse often feel trapped, isolated, scared and silenced, we can be their voice, we can make a difference.

Approximately 1500 men and women live and work at the Australian Defence Force Academy. This is your workplace and for some your home, therefore it is important to embrace the message of White Ribbon, and take action to end violence against women.