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Australian Defence Force Academy

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ADFA Squash Club

The ADFA Ninjas Squash club is a fun club that runs training sessions and competitions for social and competitive members. The club is a very friendly one and condones all skill levels from never played before and above. We also have members who are partially trained as coaches, so if you are looking to improve your game feel free to come ask for advice. We are also in the current planning of running a ADFA squash competition for the officer cadets and midshipmen currently at the Academy.

We currently participate in the ACT Spring and Autumn Pennant, ACT Open, ACT Interservice and the Defence Force Squash Nationals Carnival.

For Achievements we have had Officer Cadet Evans represent and win in the ACT Army team in the ACT Interservice Championships, the Army Defence Squash team at the Defence Force Squash Nationals and he placed 5th overall at the same event.

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