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Small Balls Interest Group

The ADFA Small Ball Interest Group (AsBIG) is a combined club that includes Golf, Lawn Bowls and Table Tennis.

Small Ball sports within the Academy is extremely popular and with the availability of the RMC Golf Course within the Academy Precinct, golf provides an excellent opportunity for every undergraduate to unwind on the golf course regardless of their year level or leave policy. Table Tennis tables within the Academy Cadets Mess (ACM) allow officer cadets and midshipmen the chance to unwind over a coffee and compete against one another in a fast paced game of fun.

The Lawn Bowls aspect of the club is a great initiative that allows officer cadets and midshipmen to work closely with the Ainslie Sports Club and particularly with the senior members of that club who love a Sunday roll on the greens.

AsBIG’s first year has been a success and hopefully will continue to grow and provide great opportunities to the cadet body.

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