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ADFA Fencing Club

The ADFA Fencing Club provides the opportunity for Midshipmen and Officer Cadets to fence competitively both within the ACT and interstate. Training takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 1900 h and 2045 h. No prior experience with the sport is required and there is ample opportunity to become skilled in any of the three weapons (foil, epee, and sabre). The club's training program is supported by some of the ACT's best coaches, each with many years of experience with each weapon.

ADFA fencers are very competitive and place highly in ACT competitions and major tournaments. The ADFA Tournament, held at the ADFA Indoor Sports Centre, is one of the ACT Fencing Association's (ACTFA) most recognised events and draws competitors from both the ACT and interstate. The Tournament has been a great success since its inauguration in 2004 and its conduct has consistently reflected well on the Academy. The club also holds a monthly competition open to all state fencing clubs that provides more opportunities for competitions outside of the tournament environment.

The Club has also sent fencers to represent the ACT at a national level - a trend which is set to continue over the coming years. The club is supported by a wide range of committee positions ranging from President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to positions in charge of social events, merchandising, fundraising and maintenance of the club's armoury.

The fencing club is sensitive to the needs of beginner fencers and there is plenty of opportunity to get involved with all aspects of the club.

The three weapons are as follows:

  • Foil: A light and flexible weapon that relies on outsmarting your opponent and establishing the precedent of attack. Hits are scored with the tip of the weapon and the target area is the chest and back.
  • Epee: A slightly firmer blade making for more aggressive bouts. Hits are scored with the tip, although the entire body (including the face) is considered target area.
  • Sabre: A cutting weapon that relies on high speed attacks and lightning quick defence. Hits are scored with either the blade or tip with everything above the waist considered a target.
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